Tell Your Story

Speaker Training Workshop

Educating your Community about Palestine in an Effective & Non-Alienating Way

“When I first returned from Palestine, I had acquired a wealth of knowledge and experiences that I was desperate to share with others, but I didn’t know how to design and deliver a presentation, and I didn’t know who would listen.” (2005)
  • —Anna Baltzer, full-time lecturer & speaker-trainer, having given more than 500 presentations and interviews about Palestine (with invitations multiplying after each event)

The climate in the US is changing. There is an opening for the facts about Palestine to reach American audiences and public consciousness. Groups around the country are looking for educators on this issue but are turned down if the few known public speakers are busy!

There are so many knowledgeable advocates among us who remain under-utilized and may not realize just how much they already bring to the movement. As delegations return from Palestine, we need to empower these new experts (on their own experience, if nothing else) to transform what they have seen into building the movement for change through telling their own stories and connecting communities with grassroots campaigns.

Non-delegates have just as much to offer, not least among them Palestinians, the experts on their own struggle. To ensure that no invitation goes unfilled and to cultivate communication skills that will enhance our efforts around the country, we are offering the following grassroots training workshop:

Facilitator: Anna Baltzer
Timeframe: Ideally at least 4 hours, including breaks. It can be shortened significantly if necessary. A 2-day workshop allows for expanding and deepening the curriculum.
Participants: 10 to 25 per training (flexible). Participants should be knowledgeable about the issue and interested in public speaking and/or grassroots organizing.
Goals: Provide participants with:
  1. Clarity on Goals and Target Audience
  2. Increased Confidence in Speaking About Palestine
  3. A Skeletal Presentation Outline
  4. Practice Handling Hostility & Difficult Questions
  5. An Action Plan for Finding Venues & Organizing Events
Materials Provided: A detailed booklet including:
  1. Tips on Presentation Structure & Delivery
  2. Key Talking Points
  3. Tough Questions & Possible Responses
  4. Possible Goals & Target Audiences
  5. Sample Outreach & Organizing Supplies
  6. Digital Copy of Sample Presentations, Photos, & Original Maps



For more information, contact Anna.