"Anna's reporting is humble, compassionate, honest, fair, and balanced—insofar as it is possible to be 'balanced'—about the suffering of a war-torn volatile region of the world, and a terrible struggle that is very relevant to our collective history as American Jews."

–Marc (Oakland,CA)

"Anna's presentation is in a different class altogether. Anna has a gift for empathic visualization of the audience, and for construction of a focused presentation that anticipates the thoughts of the listener/viewer/reader every step of the way."

–Paul (El Cerrito, CA)

"Anna's presentation is the single most informative, educational, objective and professional piece of collective insight on the issue. As an American citizen who has lived in the United States for almost the last 20 years, and as somebody who grew up in Palestine and who could relate to everything in Anna's presentation, I feel this is exactly the kind of information and presentation the average American person needs to hear and see."

–Radwan (Austin, TX)

"Anna's pictures, eloquence, and brilliantly penetrating presentation speak for themselves. No 'convincing' is necessary; just bearing witness was a life-changing event for me."

–Karen (Boulder, CO)

"A brilliant and warm speaker—one of the best presentations I've ever heard about Palestine. Extremely well-informed and personal and human. I loved it."

–Terri (San Francisco, CA)

"An inspiration to me on how I regard my purpose in life. Truth be told: I had visions—after witnessing Anna's presentation—of selling my household belongings, buying a laptop computer and digital camera, and figuring out how to make my own PowerPoint presentation!"

–Patrice (Boulder, CO)