Air On Local TV

Free TV Time - Use It!

One very underutilized informational tool is Public Access TV. There are thousands of Public Access TV stations around the country—sometimes several in one city. You can inform thousands of viewers & voters in your area by airing “Life in Occupied Palestine” and other films about Palestine or other issues.

Public Access TV stations are essentially required to air materials submitted by local residents. FCC regulations prohibit station employees from censoring these materials (except those including pornography, extreme violence, and commercial content). Informing your community is your right—take advantage!

Four Easy Steps:

1. If you don’t already have one, order a DVD or ask Anna for a complimentary copy to air on your local station(s).

2. Find your local station(s) in your phone book or online at Community Media or Free Speech TV.

3. Call your local station(s) to tell them you wish to air the film, and ask what is necessary.

4. Follow the steps they give. If you encounter problems, contact Anna for help.

Follow-Up Ideas:

1. Notify schools and libraries, for which it presents an opportunity for teachers and others to safely educate their students about the conflict.

2. Notify friends and local groups so they can publicize to ensure the largest audience possible.

3. Inform Anna so she can publicize it on her website.

4. Now that you have some experience, consider sponsoring a whole series of films on Palestine on your local station(s). Two options:

- SERIES 1: Get a monthly time-slot (this is remarkably easy—I called my local station and got a weekly slot on the spot) and the group “Alternate Focus” will send you tapes once a month to deliver to the station. There are sponsors around the country. Visit Alternate Focus or contact Ed Sweed for details.

- SERIES 2: “America, Israel, & Palestine: Cause & Effect,” has over 50 films (including “Life in Occupied Palestine”), which you may be able to submit all at once. TV stations (or local sponsors) must pay $179 for the 45+ hours of content, with a $30 rebate if all are aired during a 6-month period. Contact Anna for more information.

Over 2,500 stations nation-wide are currently without sponsors. With your help, we can educate millions to stand with us in the movement for a just peace in the Middle East. Stations welcome quality films many of which are broadcast repeatedly and can be used to fill dead air and scheduled randomly, which is helpful for the stations and for the cause. Please, join us!