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Publication Article Name
Electronic Intifada The Crime Of Being Born Palestinian
Paralysis, Prophets and Forgiveness
Deir Yassin Continues
War and Irony in Hebron Hilltops
The Jordan Valley and Israel's Invisible Wall
The Stories Not Tragic Enough to Notice
Direct Action from Birmingham to Gaza
Nablus Invasion Diary I: Occupied Homes and Minds
Nablus Invasion Diary II: Human Shields and Medical Obstruction
Baheth Center for Studies Nablus Invasion Diary III: Resistance, Hypocrisy, and Dead Men Walking
Americans for Middle East Understanding (AMEU) Witness for the Defenseless
Palestine Chronicle Indigenous Resistance, from Colombia to Palestine
Huffington Post Palestinians “Come Second” at Peace Talks (abridged version)
PULSE! Palestinians “Come Second” at Peace Talks (full version)
First Mennonite Church (Lincoln, Nebraska) Gaza Bombing
Counter Currents Whose Responsibility?
International Solidarity Movement Prelude to a Third Intifada?
Common Ground News Dedicated and Resilient Women on Both Sides of the Green Line
Jerusalemites Paralysis, Prophets and Forgiveness
Occupation Magazine Existence is Resistance
Ma'an News Agency Theatrical Imprisonment
Op-Ed News Where are the American Voices?
Mondoweiss Young American Woman is Red-Lighted, Badgered and Humiliated for 3 Hours at a West Bank Checkpoint
Behind the Lines Anna Baltzer, Martin Luther King Jr. and Israel/Palestine
The Brunei Times Who are Seeing the Children's Bodies?
As It Ought to Be Sick Man Detained at Huwwara Checkpoint
Planting Trees with "The Palestinian Gandhi"
Thieves in the Night
From Jericho to Hebron
The Olive Harvest

Letters and articles also published in: Washington Times, Wall Street Journal, Information Clearing House, If Americans Knew, United Civilians for Peace (Melbourne, Australia), Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Des Moines Register, Leaf Chronicle, The Exponent.