About Anna Baltzer

Anna Baltzer is a Jewish-American Columbia graduate, former-Fulbright scholar, the granddaughter of Holocaust refugees, and an award-winning lecturer, author, and activist for Palestinian human rights.

As a volunteer with the International Women's Peace Service in the West Bank, Baltzer documented human rights abuses and supported Palestinian-led nonviolent resistance to the Occupation. Baltzer has appeared on television more than 100 times (including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where she appeared alongside Palestinian presidential candidate and nonviolence leader Dr. Mustafa Barghouti) and lectured at more than 500 universities, schools, churches, mosques, synagogues, and policy institutes around the world with her acclaimed presentation, "Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos," and her full-color book: Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories. Baltzer has contributed to various other books on the subject, including Shifting Sands: Jewish Women Confront the Israeli Occupation, Letters from Palestine: Palestinians Speak Out about Their Lives, Their Country, and the Power of NonViolence, Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion — A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict, and Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists.

In 2009, Baltzer received the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee's prestigious Annual Rachel Corrie Peace & Justice Award and a Certificate of Commendation from the Governor of Wisconsin for her commitment to justice in the Holy Land. In 2011, she received the Inspiration for Hope Award from the American Friends Service Committee, along with author and Pulitzer Prize Winner Alice Walker and Palestinian-American student activist Sami Kishawi.

Baltzer is co-founder of the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee. Since 2010, she has worked as National Organizer with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.