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The Nassar family is one of the last Christian Palestinian families living and working in the fertile hill country south of Bethlehem. The family's farm was named after Daher Nassar, who purchased the land in 1916. The Nassar family land is located in the fertile hill country 9 kilometers southwest of Bethlehem in the West Bank, in an area totally controlled by Israel per the Oslo Agreement of 1993. Israel requires a permit for all permanent infrastructure development. Currently, such permits are only granted to Jewish settlements located in this area. In addition, the land is not connected to the power grid or to public water. Because of the concrete barrier wall that Israel is constructing, very soon the land will be totally cut from the rest of Palestine.

In fulfillment of his father’s dream to establish an institute for the building of peace on the family land, Daoud Nassar, grandson of Daher, established The Tent of Nations. The mission of Tent of Nations is to build bridges between people and between people and the land. In pursuit of this mission, Tent of Nations has established projects to develop and protect the land and to make the land a center for people from different countries to come together.

The structures of the Tent of Nations are under Israeli demolition order, including the animal pens, toilets, kitchen, and meeting tent.

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