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Camp David II, the 2000 Peace Summit between Clinton, Barak, and Arafat, produced what is widely portrayed as a "generous" offer from Israelis to Palestinians for peace. Arafat’s rejection of the offer is frequently used as “proof” that “Palestinians don’t want peace.” The map above--only a projection, since no map was presented during the final rounds at Camp David--shows what the Palestinians were actually being offered (after having already conceded 78% of historic Palestine when the PLO signed the 1993 Oslo Agreements and recognized Israel within the 1967 borders). Here are some specifics (from BCPR) about Camp David that surprised me:

(1) The proposal denied Palestinians their basic rights as protected by International Law, including the right to a contiguous viable state and to return to their homes & land if willing to live in peace with their neighbors.

(2) Israel would annex the 10% of the West Bank that includes among the most fertile and water rich areas, and over 80,000 Palestinians.

(3) The proposal kept Israel in control along the West Bank’s border with Jordan, creating a de facto Palestinian bantustan within Israel.

(4) That bantustan would consist of three separate islands: the Gaza Strip, the North West Bank, and the South West Bank. No clear territorial passage was provided between Gaza and the West Bank.

(5) The proposal offered the Palestinians control over the Arab sections of Jerusalem, but kept all of the city under exclusive Israeli sovereignty.

(6) The Palestinian state could not have its own defense forces, and could not control its own airspace or water.
The "generous" offer is strikingly similar to the Wall (see map) "Convergence" plan unilaterally imposed by Israel today.

(Source: Passia)