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Because Israel is the state of the Jewish people, not the state of its citizens or of the families who own its land, its creation and preservation has required the removal of most Christians & Muslims and the ghettoization of those who remain. If the Christians & Muslims with rights to the land were allowed to live and thrive in the area, Jews would cease to be the majority and it would no longer be a Jewish state.

The dominance of Zionist Jews in the area is evident through Israeli state policies, the statements of mainstream leaders, ubiquitous anti-Arab graffiti, and the symbolism behind the Israeli flag bearing the star of David, representing only a minority of those living under the state's control. Since the star of David has been co-opted by the Israeli state and army, this Jewish symbol pervades the lives and land of the Palestinian people, most of whom are either Christian or Muslim.

Some of the best ongoing examples of the Judaization of Palestine are in East Jerusalem, Hebron, and the Negev.