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A few years ago, settlements neighboring the Palestinian village of Deir Sharaf decided to build a dump at the community's doorstep. The quarry land was seized from Abu Shusha family during an attack by the Army in April of 2002. Settler contractors brought in a crusher and dug out a huge landfill some 300 meters from Deir Sharaf, where they now throw all their waste. What’s worse, as a way to make money, the settlements have advertised the dump for people in Israel proper to use. According to Stop the Wall:

"An extra 10,000 tons of domestic and industrial waste is to be dumped here every month [from the suburbs of Tel Aviv]... Rubbish disposal at the site has been subcontracted to a company called Baron Industrial Park, which makes six shekels for every ton dumped, estimated to be 60,000 shekels [15,000 US dollars] a month."

Trash from Israel and West Bank settlements is now threatening the area’s air, animals, communities, and most importantly, its water. Less than 300 meters from the dump is the largest fresh water source in the region, upon which more than 300,000 local Palestinians depend.

The 3,000 villagers of Deir Sharaf are upset about the noxious fumes and health threats created by the dump, and in April of 2005 they organized a march from the Town Hall to the dump.