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Even worse off than the families who have lost land are the families whose homes remain on the "Israeli" side of the Wall, i.e. between the Green Line and the Wall. These families live without rights or legal status on land now part of israel (for all intents and purposes). They have become sitting ducks, as they await the realization of orders sent to demolish their homes and remove them from their land. For now, they often live without electricity and water, prevented from using israeli services by law and from using palestinian services by the wall. one example in the photos below, Munira's house--in the past surrounded by the family's land and greenhouses--is now stranded between the wall and Elkana settlement, with two more fences on each side, creating a veritable cage. her family can no longer leave the house for fear that it will be destroyed. Even if they wanted to leave, sometimes the soldiers do not open the gate between Munira's house and her village.