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On April 6, 2005, the Abdillah family went down to their land to work as they did every morning. Each day they worked their land on one side of the valley while Israeli bulldozers destroyed it on the other. They were tortured by the injustice but felt they could do nothing. One day Marwan Abdillah and a few friends walked a few meters towards the private security hired by Israel to guard the bulldozers, trying to appeal to them to stop the destruction of the family's land. Marwan yelled at the people building the Wall to leave. According to Marwan, the security guards then opened fire on the group, hitting his four friends almost simultaneously. As he described the event, he moved his hands past his head to convey the feeling of bullets flying past his ears and thanked God that he had been spared. He confirmed a nearby witness's testimony that no stone had been thrown. Two days later, the village of Deir Ballut gathered to pray on their blood-stained land. The Full Story