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Deir Ballut peace camp against the Wall: in December of 2003, residents of Deir Ballut and the surrounding area invited peace activists from Israel and abroad to participate in a symbolic peace camp against the impending wall. The Wall continues to threaten to annex most of the village's land into Israel, adding insult to the injuries already suffered due to the village's checkpoint and roadblocks. The peace camp took place in a half-built school, abandoned once it fell under the path of the wall. Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals, bonded with a common goal of stopping the Wall, set up camp and a variety of activities to educate locals, the media, and one another. Each day, activists came together to discuss strategies of resistance against the occupation, such as non-violent direct action. The camp planned and carried out a number of workshops and actions in the region, indicated below.

Actions in Mas'ha


TV interview